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Scent of wood is a laid back survival video game. At the moment it is in very early development, but you can try the demo.

In the current demo you can:

-Cut trees with an ax

-Build a cabin

-You can build walls, windows, doors, stairs and ceilings.

-You can explore the beautiful map

The development will continue and within the most important thing that will be added will be:

-Player statistics such as energy, thirst, hunger, temperature and health.

-More parts for the cabin

-Crafting system to create tools and objects

-Construction of objects to decorate the cabin



-Tools such as hammer, shovel, fishing rod and others

-Wild animals

If you want to know more about the development, join the Discord community. 

I would like to know your requests and know what you think about the project. I'm sure you will find a lot of bugs, I'll be happy to know what you found

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Crafting, Exploration, First-Person


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Scent Of Wood Demo Windows.zip 115 MB
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Scent Of Wood Demo Linux.zip 128 MB


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this is way too laggy

I dont think your Linux build is compiled, or just isnt able to launch for me, Im running on Linux Mint so it could just be me 



multiplayer ?

I still don't have it planned


I'm from Spain, so excuse me if something is not fully understood.

 The game has potential, the aesthetics are very nice and the 3D models are well achieved and, at first glance, seem well optimized for how extensive the map is. 

The only problems, take them rather as recommendations: when all the nearby trees are cut down and you have to move away from the base it is possible to get lost easily and not know how to return, since there is nothing like a compass, map or a point that is possible to activate to mark the base. Another problem is space, although there is a lot of terrain, sometimes it happens that trees modeled as normal trees get in the way and cross the hut. 

I also leave a bug that came up in one of the games: 

This is the gameplay trying to build around a tree. It happened at a time when I was able to cross the constructions and there were a couple of problems. I did a lot of games and in most of them I had the problem that it didn't let me take the axe because of the wood bugging. 

Muchas gracias por tu feedback, entiendo que eres de España y supongo que hablas español. Entiendo perfectamente todo lo que mencionas y trabajaré en solucionarlo lo antes posible. Aprecio mucho que hayas probado el demo.

Note que en el primer vide un tablon de madera se quedo atascado en el personaje, eso lo arregle en la ultima actualizacion que subi el viernes. Podrias confirmarme si tienes la ultima version?

Está bien, voy a ver. Y vaya rapidez, wao. ¿Qué programa usas para el 3D y el texturizado?


Uso Maya LT

I don't know what exactly happened, but I managed to bug the wood again. I was trying to climb a mountain on the limits of the map and it just happened. I also tried to build on the normal base, and everything was fine. I really liked the tree upgrade, plus they give me more wood and I can farm faster. Of course, at the time the wood was bugged I couldn't get the axe either, so I couldn't build to the top of the mountain either.

I'm a big fan of the graphics, the game is well optimized. The stairs usually give me problems in large buildings and does not let me put them, it is quite buggy when I try to insert buildings at different heights, because it's like they are not on the same line so it does not let me put walls. I don't know if there is a way to remove buildings on the map, or you can put it later. 

Anyway, I tell you this to give you feedback, don't stress with improving the sections that I tell you, they are only my recommendations. 

Look, this is already very mine, but I comment it: when you get very close to the trees to cut, they cover everything with the leaves, I don't know if you could put a transparency shader on the trees or on the leaves when the player approaches. But, well, that's something that, in any case, is more secondary. 

The most important thing is that neither the wood nor the axe bug happens, because then the game doesn't work. 

I don't know how to make stairs, they don't appear in the menu. 


For now you can only make small stairs that connect to the foundations. This week I will add the stairs to go from one floor to another

Hey there tried the demo out, also sent you a little donation towards the project hope it goes well, ran into a few issues when I was playing on my end.


Great, thanks for your donation and for testing the demo. I appreciate it. I watched the video and noticed many errors, thanks for sharing, I will be solving them